Late Payment/No Payment – Pointers on What to Do

Regrettably, no company will note in their terms and conditions whether they pay late, do not pay at all, or worse-bounce checks! You are not entirely unarmed though.

Exactly what to do

Try checking online in online forums or ask good friends or coworkers about the recycling company they use. With cell phone recycling increasing in appeal, it is a great bet someone you know has actually currently made use of a service that they prefer or one they would not advise. If you are a business, inspect the Dunn and Bradstreet credit ratings of the company you are working with. D&B offers all types of reports detailing the financial viability of business and will signal you if a company remains in poor monetary shape.

Cellular recycling should be simple, successful and great for the environment. That may be difficult to keep in mind if you get stuck in one of these traps. However, if you are willing to do a little research beforehand, you can make cellular recycling a simple, discomfort complimentary, successful experience.

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