Don't chuck that old mobile phone, there's gold in there

In Australia there are many more mobile services in use than there are people.
The majority of Australians upgrade or exchange their mobile phones every 18 to 24 months, while an increasing number have owned their mobile for more than two years. The upshot is that there is around 22.5 million unwanted mobiles cluttering up homes around Australia.
Source: Phys Org


Here's how to recycle smartphones into IoT devices

Stop letting perfectly good smartphones rot away in a drawer just because they're not this year's model, and instead use those phones as Internet of Things devices, said a Japan-based nonprofit organization called Phonvert.

Phonvert aims to bring working smartphones out of retirement and into the connected world. On its website, Phonvert (a word combination of "phone" and "convert") cited research from IDC showing that 280 million smartphones were retired without being recycled in 2015. That's an awful lot of usable sensors being wasted.
Source: Fierce Mobile IT


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